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2 Set Multipurpose Car Seat Organizer

The ultimate car seat protector is finally here!  

Want to keep your car clean, organized and free of muddy/dusty shoe prints? We got you covered (pun intended!) 

In addition to clean seats, you'll now have ample storage space. No reason to leave stuff at home anymore. Now you have a slot of pretty much everything on your list.

  • No more stains from muddy or dusty shoes! Now you have sigh-free protection from those stubborn stains. Your car seats will breathe a sigh of relief too.
  • Ample extra storage space, including 2 cup holders per organizer, which means a total of 4! This is perfect for smaller cars, or models that suffer from cup holder deficiency.
  • Neatly organize your items taking advantage of the several pockets. They come in different sizes that are perfect for daily stuff like books, tablets, tissues and so forth. No reas to have stuff flying all over the place at every turn or stop.
  • It's a breeze to install on virtually any car seat. Does NOT bother the person sitting in the front seat in any way. Isn't that great? 
  • 100% Washable!Did kids leave footprints on your organizer? Of course they did! Otherwise they wouldn't be kids! LOL. Just remove the organizer and throw it in the wash and boom! Your work is done.

Ships From the USA.

It might never be this cheap again!

Get Yours today!