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Often times we overlook the importance of the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. But because of the huge generational gap and differences between the two, this relationship allows them to share a unique bond and helps develop an understanding of life from a very different perspective and time.

Here are 5 benefits of what that special bond can create for the grandparent and grandchild:

1. Difference in Perspective - For grandparents, the interaction and connection with the grandchild offers new insights into the modern world. Likewise with the grandchild, their grandparents history will give them a deeper appreciation for life itself and a new found respect for their grandparent. 

2. Provides Wisdom -Through the countless stories and life lessons the grandparent is to share with their grandchildren, they are likely to develop a sense of wisdom and learn many valuable life lessons which will make them wise beyond their years.

3. Teaches the Children their Family History - Having a strong bond with grandchild and grandparent is likely to create a deeper sense of appreciation for their roots through learning about their grandparents culture, heritage, and history.

4. Unique Relationship - The unique relationship they have with one another is likely to reduce depressive symptoms for both parties because of the mutual respect they share between the two of them that is unlike the relationship between any other family member.

5. Gives Your Grandparents Something to Look Forward to - Overtime and through old age, things tend to get mundane, especially as grandparents may gradually lose their sense of mobility. Allowing a grandparent to share a special bond with their grandchild gives them something to look forward to when visiting and also gives them a new sense of love and purpose.

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is something unlike any other that shouldn't be taken for granted since there is so much to gain from both parties. 

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