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Money management is one of the most important life lessons that should be taught to children while they are young. With the economy always swinging back and forth and credit debt plaguing our nation, it's important that your kids learn these important life skills early to avoid mistake most of us make in our adulthood.

Here are 5 reasons why it is crucial to establish a good relationship between your kids and money.

1. It Teaches them Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is an important lesson for your kids to learn because it teaches them how to be patient and work towards what they want. It is the foundation for how to be successful in their career and how to invest their money.

2. It Teaches them the Value of a Dollar

When you teach your kids to save for what they want, they will learn to appreciate each item they buy because it was earned, not given. With each dollar comes understanding and apprrecaition for where it came from.

3. It Teaches them Money Management

With debt growing rapid in our society, teaching your kids to save early will help them navigate through the debt trap by teaching them to live within their means early on.

4. It Teaches them how to Set and Accomplish Goals

Setting goals with your kids on how to save up for what they want is a wonderful activity. Not only will it teach your kids how to save, but it will also give your kids a sense of confidence when they achieve their goals to get what they want.

5. It Teaches them the Value of Hard work

Allowance shouldn’t be the only source of income for your kids. Whether it's helping around the house or walking the dogs, giving them tasks to earn little bits of money will teach them the harder they work, the faster they can achieve their goals.

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