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Reading a book to your child is so much more than spending quality time with them. It's a chance to build a healthy lifelong relationship between your child, reading, and learning.

Here are 5 reasons why reading to your child should be part of your nightly routine.

1. It helps them explore their imagination

Nothing quite brings you into a world of imagination like a book, especially for a child. Being able to illustrate a fictional world in your head through pictures and text is one of the magic wonders of reading.

2. Builds language skills

Reading can help expand a child's vocabulary, teach proper pronunciation, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. There's nothing that you can do to better prepare them for school then to read to them and teach them how to read.

3. Broadens their creativity and understanding of the world

Jumping into a book is like taking you out of the confines of your everyday life. It helps teach children about the world around them and the endless possibilities that they can create for themselves. Both in the real world and in their mind.

4. Helps them sleep

Studies have shown that creating a reading routine just before bed can help your child rest easier and helps them get a good nights sleep. The consistency in this routine can help a child feel calmer, more balanced, and relaxed as they wind down for the day.

5.Builds a healthy relationship with reading

Reading is often seen to be a chore for people due to having an unhealthy with it. We associate it with homework and we learn to dislike it. Start your childs relationship with reading off on the right foot by making it fun, genuinely enjoyable, and engaging. 

Want a way to really get them engage with a new favorite story book?


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