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6 Ways to Raise Positive Children

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As parents, we all strive to raise our children to be positive and successful young adults. We believe creating an environment is the best way to prepare your children to take on the world on their own one day. Positivity isn’t just blind optimism but the ability to find the silver lining and grow from everything life throws at them.

Here are 6 ways to raise positive children!

1. Practice Gratitude

With Social Media taking over our lives we are constantly comparing what we have to other people. It's an unhealthy practice that only builds animosity and envy. Practicing gratitude is a great way to not compare ourselves and our lives with what other people have by being thankful for what youdo have. By doing so, it will help us define happiness from within instead of from external material.

2. Teach them the meaning of mistakes

Bob Ross said it best: “There are no mistakes only happy accidents”. That’s just what they are... happy accident here to teach you a valuable lesson. Building a healthy relationship between your kids and mistakes is the first step towards a confident and determined young adult.


3. Avoid Shouting

Shouting is a highway to negative town. It creates resentment and rarely solves the problem at hand. Avoid shouting at all costs if you want to raise positive children.

4. Host family meetings

One of the largest issues your kids will face is not being heard. It is the main reason why kids go through a rebellious phase during their teenage years. By holding family meetings it gives your child a chance to be heard and show them how to solve their problems diplomatically.

5. Teach your kids forgiveness

Forgiveness is an essential component to positivity. Teaching forgiveness will help your kids learn a very important lesson about leaving your past behind and move towards a brighter future, quicker.

6. Smile

Never underestimate the power behind a simple smile :) It not only brightens our day but everyones you come in contact with. Smiling and positivity are like peanut butter and jelly, both are good on its own, but together… it becomes something amazing!

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