Ava's Playroom: Where Growing Up is Optional


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A child's playroom is their castle. It is where they spend their early years learning and exploring what they love doing. Every playroom is unique because every child is unique and special in their own way.

We've put together 7 essential items every playroom should have to maximize your child's sense of wonder and creativity.

1. A Reading Corner

Reading is a great way to spark your kid’s imagination. To encourage them to read, put together a cozy nook or cozy up a corner and provide plenty of lighting. We suggest a window for some additional vitamin D as well!

 2. A Desk to Explore their Creativity

A table is where the magic happens as a child. Whether it's painting or playing, a table will keep everything off the carpet. It will also save you from stepping on those dreaded lego pieces.

3. A White Board or Chalk Decal to Draw On.

We’ve all seen it in movies... kids start drawing on the walls in the house when they've got no other place to use as a creative outlet. Provide them with a white board, or better yet, chalk decal on the wall. This will give them a place to unleash their creativities in a fun and new way.

4. Organization Shelf/Bins

With so many things lying around the playroom, it's important to teach your kids to keep everything organized when they are done with them. With organizers, they will know exactly where everything goes and where it belongs. It is never too early to build a habit of being tidy.

5. A Toy Chest

There’s something magical about a toy chest...it is where we keep thing that have brought us great joy. A toy chest is more than just a box we use to store our old toys. It is a time capsule of happiness.

6. Decor Unique to their Personality

A personal touch can really make a playroom feel like your child's own little safe haven. It’s not a bad idea let your child choose the room color or even some decorative pieces they enjoy. Besides, it's mainly for them anyway, right? 

7. Poster of Playroom Rules

Kids love to have fun and play. Having a set of rules on the wall will remind and motivate them to be mindful while playing.

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