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"Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother."

There’s nothing in the world more valuable than a mother’s love and guidance. It turns boys into gentleman and girls into queens. They make us feel safe when we are scared and happy with we are sad. A life without our mothers is a life that's unimaginable. She is the one who makes us who we are.

Here are 7 reasons why moms are such vital parts of our lives.

1. She's the Family Backbone
No matter what the big bad world throws at you and when it makes you feel like giving up, your mom will be there to pick you up with a smile on her face and ask you to try again! She's everything all in one and so much more.

2. She'll Never Give Up on You
No matter how badly we messed up we can always turn to our mom. No matter how disappointed she feels at the moment, she will put that aside to make sure you are okay. Your mom will never turn your back on you, she's someone who will stand with you through both the good times and the bad.

3. She Loves You at Your Worst
If we're honest with ourselves, we can admit that we have all said and done somethings we are not proud of. Only our moms have the patience and understanding to not only deal with us but also grace us with her forgiveness no matter what.

4. She Puts Food on the Table
Moms are always there to make sure you are fed and full of nutrition. It is something we don’t show nearly enough appreciation for, but will quickly realize after moving out of the family home. 

5. She's Loving & Caring
However much you think your mom cares about you, times that by 100 and that is probably just a small fraction of what she feels for you. Though friendships and relationships around you may dwindle, mom will surely love you through it all.

6. She Puts You First
Moms are the definition of selfless when it comes to their children. They will always put your best interest above all else. She would always make sure their children eat first even if it means she will go hungry.

7. She's Your #1 Fan

No matter how small the achievements may be our mom is always there to show support and tell anyone who will listen about how wonderful you are. From our first recital to graduation day, our mom is always there with a camera in hand and a smile from ear to ear.

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