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Mommy life can be tough and something hard to put into words but from one mom to another, there are definitely some key things we can surely all relate to. It truly is a full-time job but one which we wouldn't trade for anything.  We've put together 6 relatable realities of being a mother!

1. Multi-Tasking Skills

With so many things always needing to get done around the house, being a mom requires you to juggle multiple tasks at any given time. Whether it's doing the laundry while cooking the kids a meal, or running the kids to activities at different times of the day, the reality is that there is no such thing as a dull moment for us moms.

2. Caffeine

Though being a mother can be extremely rewarding, it can also be very demanding and requires plenty of time and energy and that's where caffeine comes into play. Whether you're powered by coffee, tea, or energy drinks, us moms can always use that extra something to get us through the day.

3. Wine

In the same way the wine keeps us going throughout the day, wine can equally help us unwind when the day is all said and done. 

The best way to destress is to have a nice light glass of wine to decompress from a long hard day of being a mom and prepare us for a well deserved good nights rest.

4. Living in Comfortable Clothes

As moms, it's easy to fall victim to the dreaded (but oh so comfortable) sweats or yoga pants. We end up pushing our desire to look good over feeling good and succumb to comfortable clothing. Besides, where do we find time to get glam in our days anyway? Which leads us to our next point.

5. Putting Yourself Second

Often times, we find ourselves putting our own desires second for the benefit of our children and families. Our needs tend to come last as part of being a mom requires selflessness above many other things.

6. Loving Your Children

Probably the easiest and best thing of all when it comes to our children is having the privilege of loving them and having them love you back. It's the cherry on top that makes it worth all the hard work of being a mom.

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