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Personalized Baby Teething Ring Set

This teething Set is perfect for little hands and little mouths. The buttery soft silicone beads soothe aching gums while the wood ring offers a fabulous sensory component. The sweet animals shapes are ideal for little mouths, or add a wood ring for a soft rattle sound. Hand crafted with care, these sweet, whimsical toys are sure to please your precious little on.

Available In Two Colors:

Pastel Blue Personalized Teething Set for baby boy 

Pink Personalized Teething Set for baby girl

Squirt a sponge with anti-bacterial liquid dish detergent and moisten until suds are evident. Wash the silicone and wood toy with the soapy sponge. You shouldn't soak wood toys. Soaking causes the wood to swell, which can lead to cracking wood.

Rinse quickly beneath the tap. Dry thoroughly with a clean dishtowel.

Treat stains by cleaning the toy, mixing a solution of half-and-half white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spraying the toy. Scrub the stains with a clean sponge. Dry the wood toy or teething object with a clean dishtowel until dry. Once the vinegar dries there won't be any odor or residue. Vinegar is completely safe and edible.

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