Ava's Playroom: Where Growing Up is Optional


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Does your young girl prefer a room with personality?

Then this custom-made wall decal is the absolute perfect gift.

You can customize it to your liking:

- any name

- pick from a variety of colors

- Includes hearts at the beginning and end of name

Size: 24" x 6"
Letter height: depends on name, but minimum 5" or higher

How to apply: You need a clean surface (clean with Windex and paper towel).
Line it up to make sure it's where you want it.
Remove the backing and place it where you want it, then use  a squeegee and run over the sticker from middle toward the edges.
Then remove the application tape off the sticker. Start from one end and remove by pulling back over itself.
Lastly, go over the surface with your hand to smooth it over one last time, and you're done!


It'll NEVER be this cheap again! Get Yours today!