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Whether you're young or old, the unicorn is surely a creature just about anyone loves. Unicorns are often associated with feelings of joy, happiness, magic, and fun colors! Kids absolutely love them and it's no surprise as to why. 

By just looking at them, you can't help but feel all happy and giddy inside. 

Here are 5 great gift ideas for the unicorn loving child in your life.

1. Unicorn Themed Jewelry

If your child is a unicorn fan, chances are they love to show off anything unicorn related. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and so much more! There are tons of cute, colorful, and not to mention, magicaljewellery pieces out there. 

That's why our Unicorn Bracelet is one of our most popular products! Check it out for yourself here.

2. Unicorn Candles

Since unicorn is such a popular theme, they're bound to have it in just about any item or product you can think of. The wide collection of candies and sweet treats tied to this color creatures is both fun and alluring for kids. A sweet treat that is always sure to brighten up their day.

3. Unicorn Book

The easiest way to get someone to read is to give them a book that interests them. It is a foolproof way to get your child to pick up a book without having you to nag them. Grab a Unicorn book and help peak their interest as they follow along.

4. Unicorn Toys

Nothing nurtures the young artist in our kids quite like colouring books! It turns boring white drawings into masterpieces on the fridge. With the popularity of unicorns, you can easily find a unicorn themed colouring book to get your kids started on becoming an artist and letting their creative minds come to life!

5. Unicorn Themed Clothing

What we wear is the greatest expression of who we are and what we are interested in. Why not let your kids show the world their love for this mystical creature? It not only makes them feel magical and empowered, but it also allows them to stand out in a crowd with all the wonderful colors.

Check out our Unicorn Leggings which will surely make your child feel as magical as any unicorn could be!


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