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When your children grow, it always feels like it happens in a blink of an eye. One moment their in diapers, the next they're walking through the doors of school for their first day. Luckily, photos help us capture those precious moments in time we wish we could freeze forever. If you're anything like us and hate lugging your camera around everywhere, but want to be sure to capture the best moments... Read on to find out what our top 6 picture perfect moments are.

1. First Birthday

Nothing as important as a child's first anything! Sure their first word is exciting, but so is their first birthday! This amazing milestone and moment is surely one for the books. Even if you can't have a big celebration, don't forget to at least capture the special day. They'll be glad you did!

2. Newborn Photoshoot

What could possibly be more precious as a newborn baby? Nothing quite honestly. It's one of the sweetest most innocent moments you'll capture in any individuals life and a moment surely worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

3. First School Day

Whether your child is filled with excitement or fear, the first day of school is always one to remember. For many, it's the start of a 12 year learning journey through life. One which in many cases paves the way for a lot of our adulthood life, too. 

4. Candid Happiness

Capturing a child at the playground swings or slide, or even at a theme park, may be one of the purest moments of bliss and happiness. Be sure to capture a lot of candid moments like these for they get harder to come by as the years go on and time grows on us. Your child will be happy to look at these and share them with the world.

5. First Tooth/Loss of

Getting a picture of that silly one toothed smile is such a treasure. But what is even better is capturing the moment they're able to show off the loss of their first tooth! Don't forget, these "first" moments only happen once in a lifetime, so be sure to capture them while you can!

6. Family Photo

Getting to see the whole family change over the years is always a beautiful thing. Be sure to take a family photo while the kids are young so they can know what they looked like beside their mommy and daddy as a youngin',

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