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Purchasing a house is something that we all dream about. Truth is, that the real excitement comes from transforming that house into a home. Without some special touches, a house hold very little sentimental value until we turn it something so much more... But what exactly is it that makes a house a home anyway?

Here are our 6 favourite ways to turn a house into a home.

1.Home cook meal

Nothing beats the taste and smell of a comforting home cooked meal by mom. Gather around the dining table with your family to make things extra homey. We would take it over restaurant food everyday if we could.

2. Family

Family is a six letter word that should be cherished always. It doesn't matter that happens to you in life, your family will always be there for you and it all begins in the family home. A house simply isn't a home without family.

3. Pets

A family pet can bring an unimaginable amount of happiness and love. They are there to greet us when our parents are too busy and  teach us the meaning of unconditional love without saying anything at all. 

4. Memories on the wall

A home is a never ending project because there is always room for new memories on the wall. It turns the home into a museum of how your family came to be and all the joyous moments you shared in life. 

5. Love

Love is the foundation and glue that holds everything together in a home. Without it, your "home" will cease to exist. To keep a home alive, you must keep the love within it strong.

6. Personal Touches

Everyone is different in many ways and that is why it is important to decorate the house with things that inspire you. From Wall Art to Statues, let your home be a symbol of what makes you and your family different. 

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