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Is it time to add some excitement to your kids bedroom? Bedroom decorating ideas don’t have to be expensive and here are 5 inexpensive ways you can add some fun and excitement to your kids room that will have them running to their room!

1) Glow in the Dark Stars – they are beautiful to look at during the night and transport your childs room into a whole new galaxy. The stars are stuck to the ceiling using removable adhesive such as Blu-Tack.

You can also find planets that can be added to the ceiling for that extra cosmic effect.  

2) Chalkboard/Magnetic Wall – you can buy chalkboard or magnetic paint at your local paint and hardware store or online.

Let your childrens creativity run wild by letting them express themselves freely with different colored chalk or magnetic letters and souvenirs that they can add to their bedroom wall.

3) Self-Made Artwork – frame your kids artwork that they made in school or at home to add some extra creativity and color to the room!

If you don’t have any at home then this would be the perfect opportunity for your child or even for both of you to start on a creative project together.

4) Library Wall – buy some cheap wall shelves that you can attach to a nice area in your childs room and add a few of their favourite and even new childrens books.

This is a simple way to add some vibrance to any room and will also be a nice way to encourage your child to read some more books.

If you already have an existing shelf, then use that and fill it up with books and other items to decorate.

5)  Child’s Name Wall Decal – help your kids make their room their OWN with their name and favorite color on wall decal stickers. Your child will love the personalized touch this adds to their room.

You can order a personalized wall decal sticker here. Simply enter in your child's name and select their favorite color! They’re all made to order to add that extra personal and special touch.

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