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What is a monogram?

A monogram can refer to a single letter in a decorative style that appears on an object to add style, tell a story and show ownership. You'll also common find monograms with two or more letters that are interlinked in a stylish design - usually a flowy, cursive font.

The Initial Monogram Necklace

Our Initial Monogram Necklaces have been a hit with those who have an eye for art and personalized gifts!

They come in either gold or silver designs and are made using a base metal alloy that's rhodium coated and is nickel and lead free.

Why are Monogram gifts so special?

Monogrammed initials date back to over two thousand years ago during the 6th century B.C. and were commonly used among royalty and military leaders.

Today, monogrammed gifts are among one of the most popular personalized gift ideas for a special loved one because the gift represents a name or word that offers a unique meaning for it's wearer.

The monogram letter could represent the first name of a grandparent, a pet, the wearers first name or it could be a special word that offers unique meaning and serves as a constant reminder to the wearer.

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