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Attention parents! We've got an exciting new product to showcase this week that is sure to bring fun, learning and positive rules to every kids playroom.

The Playroom Rules Poster

The Playroom Rules Poster provides an engaging yet fun set of guidelines that encourages children to learn unity, sharing, encouragement and most importantly - fun. 

The poster also makes for a good conversation and lesson with your children about each point and why it's important they follow the "rules".

This poster not only encourages positive behaviour in your children, it also makes a great decoration piece to liven up the playroom and is a fantastic conversation starter with other parents and guests who come over.

They're printed on vibrant, high quality, glossy wall poster paper and come in two different sizes:
- 16" x 24"
- 24" x 36"

Click on the link below to order your Playroom Rules Poster today and add a vibrant and new set of FUN "rules" to your children's playroom.