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Who doesn’t love their grandpa? If you're lucky enough to still have them around, they are probably one of the best people you have in your life. The bond you share with your grandpa is one that is truly unique. They are the personification of kindness and wisdom, something we can all surely use more of in our lives.

Here are 5 reasons why grandpas are the best!

1. He humbles us

If you ever take the time and listened to the life your grandpa has lived at your age, you would stop complaining about the little things that bug you on a daily basis. Our grandpa went through some real hardships to be where he is today, something we should all take the time to appreciate.

2. He is always there to see us perform

It doesn’t matter if it is a spelling bee in elementary school or your big recital in high school, your grandpa will always make the time to show you how proud he is of you. Consider your grandfather as one of life's greatest blessings.

3. He is our link to our heritage

If we don't take the time to learn our heritage and culture, then it may be lost forever. The next time you see your grandfather, we encourage you to take the time and ask him about his father and where your family lineage comes from. He would probably appreciate the interest you have in where you come from, especially if it's something you plan to pass along to your children.

4. He makes us feel special

When we are with our grandpa, we just know in our heart we are the most special person in his life. He shows us through the way he talks to other people about us and through the little things he does to show it. One of the sweetest and purest things ever!

5. He shows his love for his grandchildren with pride

Grandpa loves you unlike any other and he's never afraid to show it. In fact, it's one of the best quirks about having a grandpa. His grandchildren are his pride and joy. He's the one that proudly flaunts the art piece you may have given him when you were a toddler on his livingroom mantle for years, or maybe even carries around a special photo of you in his wallet. Whatever it is, he's always up to show it off.

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