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Creativity is like magic. Without it, life loses it's sense of wonder and excitement. Even as adults we should take time out of our day to pursue something that works out our creative mind. It is not only a fabulous stress reliever, but also a wonderful form of meditation. It's important for your kids to nurture their creativity in any shape or form because it's the greatest gift of life.

Here are 6 ways to broaden your kid’s creativity.

1. Try different things

We don’t know what we like until we get a chance to try it out. That is absolutely true especially when it comes to finding our creative outlet. Whether it is music, painting, or dancing there is no way to know what you like until you give it a try.

2. Be outdoors

Sometimes we just need to step away from the city and into nature. Nature not only inspire us but also give us a chance to spend time with ourselves and understand what really makes us tick.

3. Encourage your kids to ask open-ended questions

We believe open-ended questions are so powerful in unlocking your child’s curiosity and creativity. If your child develops a early sense of curiosity it will lead them to not shun away from trying new things.

4. Let them dress themselves.

How we dress is a way to show the world who we are inside. It is the oldest and most timeless way of expressing our identity. By letting your child dress themselves, you allow them to not be afraid to show the world who they are.

5. Turn off the TV and read with your child

There’s nothing wrong with watching television but nothing stimulates your imagination quite like a good story book. It provokes critical thinking, curiosity, and best of all, imagination and creativity.

6. Encourage your kids to stand out.

Whether it is letting them dress flashy or encouraging them to be their authentic selves, it is important to allow your kids to stand out from a crow and embrace being difference. After all, creativity is the act of allowing yourself to express yourself fully to the world.

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