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It can sometimes be hard to find new, fun and exciting ways to bond with your little girl. Doing homework together or taking her to lessons isn't quite a date, but sometimes it's hard to find time for other things.. especially if you don't know what options there are.

We've put together a list of 7 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas just for you!

1) Get Pampered

No one deserves to get pamper quite like a momma but what girl doesn't like to feel like a princess every now and then? Taking your daughter out for a simple mani pedi isn't only a cool experience for her, but one for you too!

2) Cook/Bake Together

As fun as sharing a cooking or baking experience with your little girl may be, it's also a great skill for her to carry on as she gets older. Peak her culinary creativity while she's young and you may learn a thing or two as well!

3) See a Performance

Whether it's Disney on Ice or a Lion King musical, getting to see the look on your daughters face when she see's some of her favorite characters come to life is one of the most magical feelings. Share those special moments with her while enjoying yourself as you take her out for a performance!

4) Go to the Fair

We're all just children at heart, aren't we? Why not let your inner child come out and play as you take your little one out for a day at the fair. Nothing quite says fun like carnival games and cotton candy!

5) See a Movie

Luckily, now-a-days, there are so many movies that cater to both parents and children. Decide on a movie with your daughter and double down on the popcorn for an extra special night out.

6) Try Something New

Sharing a new experience that you nor your little one have either done is one of the best bonding experiences possible. Instead of her teaching you, or you teaching her, why not learn something new together? 

7) Go Shopping

There's one thing that trumps all else when it comes to us gals and it's our love for shopping! Online, In-stores, it doesn't matter. As long as we get something new, fun, and fashionable we're all smiles.

Why not share a fun online shopping experience with your little one while scrolling through our Personalized Products for Girls?


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