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To us, there are no words to describe how special we think our kids are. Every step and action they take is nothing but a blessing in our lives. It is almost impossible for our kids to understand just how amazing and special we think they are until they have their own kids. We put together 5 ways to make them feel close to just how special we think they are.

1. Use positive language

In the world we live in we hear the word no more than anything else. Although it comes from a good place sometimes to keep them safe.  it is important to for us to understand as parents that when you are a young the only limits are the ones we put on them. Instead of dismissing them on their dreams we should give them a “why not me” mentality. If someone is going to change who not let it be me is the most powerful thought you can give your child.

2. Set attainable goals and help them achieve them

There is great power in the feeling of accomplishment no matter how old you are. It is never too early to nurture this feeling for your kids whether it is helping them save up for something they want or simply teaching them basic skills. The mindset of learning to set a goal and achieving it is imperative to their growth into successful and healthy adults.

3. Celebrate the little victories

Life is made up of little victories along the way. By celebrating the little victories it helps your kids focus on their goals and give them an appreciation for the journey towards their goals instead of their destination. A trait most successful entrepreneurs can relate to.

4. Treat them as your equal

Let's face it, just because we are older doesn’t mean we have it all figured out. Just because we are their parents doesn’t mean we should just dismiss everything they say just because they are our kids. If we take the time and listen to our kids and don’t talk down on them. It tells your kids they are worth listening to and there is value in their opinion

5. Let them express themselves through their clothing

The saying: “what we wear represents who we are” rings true for all ages. Do we believe all kids have the most amazing out of this world personalities why hid that from the world? Let their personality shine through what they wear. It will do wonders for their self-esteem!

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