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Humor is unlike anything else in life, because it's sole purpose is to help us see life beyond the fog of stress and negativity that binds us from time to time.

Humor reminds us that life is not as serious as we make it out to be and sometime we need to just laugh at ourselves and the human errors we make so we can move on to a better tomorrow.

If there’s one area in our lives that we could use that lens more than ever, it's is in our marriages.Shared humor is one of, if not the most important trait to a strong, healthy, and lasting marriage.

Here are 5 reasons why shared humor in relationships is so important.

1. Helps Get You Through Difficult Situations Easier

It's no secret that no marriage is perfect, which means we all go through hard times with our significant other. Next time you and your partner are upset with one another, try bringing some humor to the table to break the tension and find something to laugh about.

2. Physically, Laughing Makes You Feel Better

One of the best natural medicines known to mankind is and always has been laughter. When we laugh, our body naturally releases endorphins which in turn help lower our blood pressure, boost our immune system, and even helps prevent heart disease!

3. Crucial for Better Communication with Your Partner 

Nothing helps resolves arguments better than a well-timed joke during a tense situation. Humor can help you step back and allows you to put things into perspective from your partner's point of view. When you laugh, you tend to loosen up, and you're able to problem solve more creatively.

4. Humor Makes You Live in the Moment 

When you crack a joke, people respond to it involuntarily. The response we give to humor takes us out of our mind and forces us to live in that very moment.When you laugh, it’s impossible to focus your thoughts on any worry or doubt. So, when you make someone laugh, it's almost like a gift that takes all negative thoughts away – even if only for a couple seconds. 

5. You'll Develop a Personal Bond

Odds are that you and your partner probably share a couple (if not a lot) of "inside jokes". These little moments of shared humor show that the two of you get along in such a way that may not be true to all relationships in your life.

It may seem like something small and irrelevant but in the grand scheme of things, it's the little things that keep two individuals interested in each other after all. If you have the same sense of humor, you and your partner are likely to share inside jokes, and they’ll remind you of your love for one another.

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