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Some grandparents are more invested in their grandchildren’s lives, other's not so much. Whatever the case may be, grandparents are an important figure for children and no, not just because they are often more likely to spoil them or break their routines with parents, but because they share a unique relationship with their grandchildren.

It is said that those who spend time with their grandchildren are even less likely to develop certain diseases. As important and beneficial as it may be for the grandparent to spend time with the grandchild, it is equally as important for the grandchild to know that they are loved by people other than their parents.

Here are 6 ways to express your unconditional love for your granddaughters so she will always know she have a special place in your heart.

1. Write a Heartfelt Letter

Taking the opportunity to write a heartfelt letter to your granddaughter for a special occasion not only shows her of your thoughtfulness, love, and care, but also doubles as a perfect life long keepsake. During your granddaughters next birthday, graduation, or any other special milestone in her life, write her a heartfelt letter to be read either now or sometime later in life.

2. Call her

Calling has unfortunately become a lost art in recent years for the younger generation. The primary way of communication has now been replaced by text and instant messaging apps. The problem with this new method is that it isn't as authentic and fails to convey emotions the same way a voice call would. Next time you're thinking of your granddaughter, call her to let her know you're thinking of her and it will surely bring you closer, just through voice.

3. Show Up

Simply show up to an event you wouldn’t normally attend: a book fair, science fair, book fair, awards ceremony, sporting event, performance, spelling bee, anything! Just show up unexpectedly to show your granddaughter she has your love and support. And be sure to remember the camera to capture her smiling ear-to-ear when your granddaughter spots you in the audience!

4. Cook/Bake with Her

There is no greater bonding experience than learning how to cook and bake with your granny. It is an experience we always hold near and dear to our hearts learning the old family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Like they say "There’s nothing like granny’s secret recipe".

5. Pass Down a Family Heirloom

We spend our lives holding onto things that are dear to us. We look at them and smile at how they once made us feel when we got them. And even though our memories may fade with time, looking at the heirloom will always take us back to wonderful time we often forget in our busy lives. We encourage you to give something to your granddaughter so they will always have a piece to remember you by.

6. Put up Pictures of Her

A picture is worth a thousand words and that saying holds true in all regards. Imagine your granddaughter wandering through your house, looking at all the things you’ve collected and cherished throughout the years when she stumbles across a picture of her. That moment to her will be worth a thousand words of what she means to you.

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