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Congratulations, you're officially (going to be) a grandparent! Just like being a parent, you can never be completely ready for this new role in your life, but being a grandparent can be even more rewarding than being a parent. Not only do you get to see your grandchildren grow up, but you also get to see your baby take on the mantle of being a parent.

Like most good things in life, we all can use some advice from time to time.

Here are 5 tips on being a new grandparent!

1. Give advice, when asked

It's normal to want to offer advice to new parents, but at times advice may be given when not welcomed, even if it's coming from a good place. It's important to take a step back and allow new parents to also learn for themselves. Be there as moral support and try to only offer advice when asked. It works wonderfully!

2. Best Time to Start a New Memory Book

With a new chapter of your life starting, it's a great idea to pull out the camera and start shooting. Making a new memory book will show your grandchild how important they are to you when they flip through it when they are grown up.

3. Learn to be a Mediator

A baby can be a stressful time for new parents. By learning to be a mediator you will become the peacemaker in the family. Through keeping the peace you ensure the baby will grow up in a positive environment.

4. Let it be

Life is unpredictable and we can never possibly prepare for everything it throws at us. Our advice is to go with the flow and keep a positive attitude towards every situation. Positivity is contagious and by "letting it be" you can create a positive environment for your grandchildren.

5. Give the New Parents a Break

Whenever you have time always offer to babysit. A break for new parents is crucial for their well being and also gives you a chance to bond with the little miracle. By giving your parents a break it is a win-win situation! 

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