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It's normal for a new mommy to get overwhelmed by the mountain of baby products that are required for a newborn. Some are extremely useful while others not so much. To help you filter out the good from the bad, we've put together a list of our 10 must-haves for your newborn!

1. Baby Tub
Some people claim that a baby soaker isn’t a necessity until they've tried one firsthand. Although they may come across of an unnecessary item, using a baby tub is one of the most convenient and safe ways to bathe your little one, especially as a new mother.

2. Baby Powder/Petroleum Jelly
Diaper rash is something every mother eventually deals with. It's important to keep baby powder and/or petroleum jelly handy for when that time arises to keep baby comfortable.

3. Changing Pad
From our experience, we've found that a changing pad is much more practical than a changing table.  Not only is it portable and lightweight, but it allows you to turn any surface into a changing station.

4. Hands-Free Rocker
Using a hands-free rocker is perfect for naps or when you just need a few minutes to yourself to handle things such as a quick shower. Having one accessible can be a game changer in the life of a mom.

5. Baby Wrap 
Babys love to snuggle, but a mommy’s work is never done. A baby wrap will allow your baby to be snuggled while keeping your hands free to do some other housework.

6. Baby Monitor
Constantly worrying over a new baby can cause anxiety, especially when they're not in your immediate presence. Give yourself that extra peace of mind by setting up a baby monitor so you know that baby is A-OK even when you're not around.

7. Stroller
Every mother needs a stroller and with so many on the market, it can be hard to pick. When on the hunt, we suggest something that is practical, light, and compact for easy storage and transportation.

8. Clothes & Accessories
One of the most fun parts about being a new mother is getting to shop for baby clothes and accessories!

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