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It’s that fun time of the year that the whole family looks forward to and it’s just around the corner! A fun-filled occasion with wonderful memories at the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and making or searching for the right costume. It’s definitely a holiday that stands out in the photo album... or at least it should be!

Here are 5 Halloween essentials that may not have even crossed your mind for making this years Halloween one to remember.

1.) A Costume

What’s Halloween without a costume? Whether you’re tight for time and rummaging through your closet for a last-minute DIY or shopping for the perfect firefighter outfit, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without some kind of costume.

2.) Trick or Treat Bags

As we all know, as fun as trick or treating can be, it can be just as tiring for you and your child. Why not spice it up with a cute flashy loot bag that will have the other kids staring.

3.) Flashlight & Reflectors

Since Halloween is a holiday that takes place at night, while walking across dark roads and sidewalks, safety should be a top priority. What better way to be safe and get a sneak peak of all the goodies, then to carry around a flashlight! As a bonus, spice it up and add some spooky reflectors to their costume just to be on the safe side.

4.) Decorations

Now that you’ve figured out a costume, it's time to decorate! Whether it be carving out pumpkins with the family or putting together some arts and crafts, decorating makes for a  fun bonding experience, but will also double as a way to make the house look more festive.

5.) A Halloween Keepsake

In the same way that the first day of school can be exciting for a child, so is their first Halloween adventure! But even if you’re celebrating their fifth or sixth Halloween, why not give them something to remember it by?
A fun and cute idea for a Halloween keepsake would be no other than this limited-edition Personalized Halloween Pumpkin Name Bracelet!

Not only will they get to wear it and show their friends what a great Halloween they had, but they get to keep it as a great memory to look back on forever.

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