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When you think of a grandma, what usually comes to mind?
Probably a loving, gentle, and caring woman that cooks some of the best homemade recipes known to man kind. She may not be your mom, but she probably second to that. What would we do without her?

Here is our 7 reasons why grandma's are simply the best!

1. She Makes the Best Food
There’s a reason why "granny’s secret recipe" is a widely known saying. It's because her food contains secret ingredients only she can perfect through her loving touch.

2. Grandma can act as a Mediator Between Child and Parent 
Kids may easily feel misunderstood by their parents because parents always feel that they know whats best for their child. You can always count on your grandma to listen to your side of the story and convey your message to your parents as a third party to help you get your point across.

3. She is Always There for You
You can always count on your grandma to pick up the phone when you call to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. She can be a great support system and emotional blanket when kids are in times of need.

4. She'll Love You Unconditionally
You could do no wrong by grandma becuase being angry and upset is just not in her nature towards her grandchild. No matter what the situation may be, she's always quick to forgive you and show you understanding.

5. She is her Grandchildren's Biggest Fan
From a little league game to high school graduation, you can bet that grandma will always be there to cheer you on. She will always be your #1 fan, right up there next to mom and pop. 

6. She is a Guide Through your Family Tree
An important part of our identity is knowing and appreciating where we came from and granny sure has a lot of stories to share about the good old days and family lineage.

7. She'll Always Be Proud of You
When we take a tour of grandma’s house, you can bet that she's kept everything we've made and put it proudly on display. It makes us feel like we are the most important thing in her life. 

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