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When we are unable to teach our children all the wisdom of life the word of god is there to pick up the pieces. The teachings of the Bible are the foundation of many of our good virtues in life. That's why it is important to introduce the word of god to your kids so they can share an everlasting bond with our lord and saviour.

Here are 5 ways to build a strong bond between your child and god.

1. Pray together. 

The power of prayer is something words cannot describe. It is something you should share with your child. It teaches us how to be grateful and it is a great way to introduce your child to god at an early stage in their life.

2. Share your favourite verses with your child. 

Our favourite verses in the bible are something sacred. It's how we keep the word of god close to our heart. Sharing something that intimate will show your kids where they can find the answers when they are lost in life.

3. Make bible stories come to life.

From the classic Veggie Tales to Prince of Egypt, there are many other ways to present the stories of the Bible in a fun and entertaining way to your child. 

4. Set a good example

Whether it is attending church on Sundays or performing random acts of kindness, it is important to lead by example. No matter how much your child will love God they will always look up to you more. Don't forget that you are their primary example in all aspects of life.

5. Give them something to remind them God is always with them.

it is important for your child to be reminded that God is always by their side. Whether it is a bracelet to commemorate her communion or something with their favourite verse, make sure the word of god is always with them.


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