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Being a parent is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world and unfortunately there's no guidebook on how to be one. We're each guided by our own personal experiences on how to parent and although there is no right or wrong way, there are always things you can do to be better.

We’ve put together our top 7 important ways to be an exceptionally good parent!

1. Listen

As humans we all like to feel like our voices are heard by others and it shows when someone cares deeply about what we are trying to express to them. That is why it is important that your communication with your children isn’t one-sided. By doing so, it will show your kids that you value what they have to say and in turn they will also value their own words.

2. Don't compare your child to others

This is especially true if there are siblings involved. Comparing your child with other people shows how much you don’t appreciate your child for what makes them unique. Even if it is unintentional it may leave a lasting impression on your child and effect them psychology.

3. Praise your kids

Praise goes a long way especially when you are young. To our kids, our opinion of them is the most important thing to their small expanding world. Be sure to praise them when they do well no matter how small the victory. These small praises will turn into everlasting self-confidence in the future.

4. Be affectionate with them

By showing proper affection to your child you subconsciously teach them how to be affectionate with the people they love in the future. As humans, we all want to feel loved by the ones we love.  

5. Let them know mistakes are part of life

Hands down there is no better teacher than the school of life itself. This is why it is so important to teach your kids the real definition of mistakes and that is a lesson presented by life to make us better and learn. So please allow your kids to make mistakes (within reason). Professor life is tough but a wonderful teacher that will leave a lasting impression.

6. Encourage your kids to make their own choices

We understand that it is impossible for your kids to be independent at their age, but a good first step is letting them choose how they want to dress, what sports they like to play, and what hobbies they want to try. Allowing them to make choices at a young age will help with their decision-making abilities in the future.

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