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The loss of a pet is something that many people go through, but nobody likes to speak about. Because a pet is technically not a human being, it's an unspoken rule that we should get over our grief rather quickly. But any pet lover knows that is far from the truth. Similar to when you lose a family member, the loss of a pet can take years or even a life time to overcome.

If you've ever lost a beloved pet and are looking for ways to grieve and memorialize your pet, here 5 great ways to remember your late furry friend:

1. Scrapbooking -Honor your pet by creating a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a great way of gathering memorabilia of your pet and can be a very therapeutic means of dealing with loss. It promotes positive coping while allowing you to be creative and once complete, will always be an arms reach away if ever you are missing your old pal. 

2. Urn - Placing your pets ashes in a beautiful urn and putting them in a special place can help you feel at peace with a pets passing. 

3. Write down your feelings - Putting your feelings on paper about your special friend can be an extremely helpful and constructive way of dealing with the loss of a pet. Alternatively, write a letter to your late pet, telling him how much you love and miss them.

4. Portrait - Having a personalized portrait of your pet placed in a special place is a great way of never letting their memory keep from fading away.

5. Jewelry -What better way to commemorate a pet then by keeping a piece to remember them by, close to your heart? Our Paw Prints On My Heart Necklace is a great option when looking for the perfect memorial piece.

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