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As you may know, the most important time in a child's life happens during the early stages. During this time a child learns a lot of cognitive skills that would set them up for success and broaden their creativity. Although there are many ways to help the development, through time and research, we have discovered that reading to them as early as possible is one of the most effective ways to aid in their development.

Here are 5 Benefits of Reading to a Child:

1. Improved Vocabulary - It is said that reading to children helps increase their vocabulary by 40% compared to kids who aren't read to at a young age.

2. Promotes a Longer Attention Span- Studies have shown that kids who have longer than average attention spans, had been read to when growing up. 

3. Helps Build a Bond - Reading isn't just about sharing a story with your child, but it's about the time you share while reading and the memories and bond you create while doing so. This is a great opportunity to create an even greater connection with a child and be expressive  

4. Helps to Develop Empathy - As you read to a child, they can't help but to relate to the character(s) and through that they  learn a sense of empathy by considering what they would do in each given situation.

5. Increases the Likelihood of a Child Reading Themselves - Kids tend to be very impressionable, especially at a young age. If they see their parents reading to them, they are likely to develop a curiousity for reading themselves. A great way to promote that and to peak their interest, is to make the books more relatable, interactive, and exciting by personalizing it with their very own name, age, friends, and so on, as you read to them. With our very own Little One, Little One Personalized Children's Book, you can do just that!

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