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As you may know, a birthstone is a gemstone that represents a persons month of birth. But did you know that it can also tell you a lot about your personality and who you are? Each gemstone has it's very own unique meaning and has it's own historical significance making it the perfect gift to yourself or someone special in your life.

Here are the said personality traits associated with each birthstone by month:

January: Siam & Garnet - A person who is typically very loyal, faithful, and dependable. 

February: The Amethyst - A person who is typically known for being very sincere and often seeks peace within themselves and the world. 

March: Aquamarine - A person which is brave and courageous yet, usually has the best interest of their health in mind.

April: Diamond (Clear)- This birthstone typically embodies those that are most innocent and is a true believer of love.

May: Emerald - Generally those who seek happiness above all are associated with the emerald birthstone. It is also said that those are most fertile are born within May.

June: Pearl & Alexandrite - June babies understand the importance of balance in life and also ensure that they prioritize their happiness above many other things.

July: Ruby -Typically known for their beauty and elegance, both internally and externally. 

August: Peridot - Generally people of this birthstone achieve success by their own definition of it. They are also known to be great lovers.

September: Sapphire - Known to be spiritual beings of the earth and seekers of truth and wisdom.

October: Opal & Tourmaline - This birthstone is associated with those who have a strong moral compass and are often times environmentally conscious. 

November: Citrine, Rose, & Topaz - Typically known for being an "old soul" they are one of the best people to council with because of their deep wisdom. 

December: Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, & Turquoise - People born in the month of December and known for their impeccable luck and therefore tend to be amongst the happiest of people.

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