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If you're a parent, then you probably know what it's like to want to capture every moment of your littles ones life. In the blink of an eye, it'll feel like your child is off to high school and you'll be missing all the little milestones in their lives.

In order to help you treasure some of the precious memories with a little one, we've complied 6 Keepsakes for Newborns. 

1. Hand & Foot Casting

Bring your baby's memories to life by doing a casting of their hands and feet. Keep a detailed memory of what it was like to hold your little ones hand or slide their socks on with life like castings.

2. Baby Photo Album

Give new parents a place to put all their new beloved memories and photos with the help of a baby photo album. Not only will the parent enjoy this, but the child will be equally as grateful to get to look back on their memories later in life.

3. Baby Tooth Holder

Are the recipients parents sentimental? If so, a baby tooth holder may be the perfect gift to store their baby's tiny teeth as they gradually fall out throughout the years.

4. Baby Hair Lock Keeper

Similar to a baby tooth holder, a baby hair lock keeper is another unique and great gift for sentimental parents. Whats more precious than having your baby's little locks for years to come?

5. Write a Heartfelt Letter

Nothing compares to a hand written letter filled with a heartfelt messaged. Put together some of your feelings and thoughts and share them with the new little bundle of joy for them to read in the future.

6. Baby Bracelet

Baby Bracelets are a practical gift for newborns, toddler and infants, girls or boys and can bepersonalized with a name to create a unique bracelet fit just for a little prince or princess.

Check out our very own Princess Personalized Charm Bracelet for a little one you love!

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