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With summer coming to a close, that can only mean one thing for parents & children... school is nearly here! And with another school year ahead comes a lot of mixed emotions for both parent and child. At Ava’s playroom, we want to help ease the stress by helping you prepare for the school year ahead. 

With that being said, we've put together a list of a the 6 top back to school essential for kids.

1. A Positive Attitude 

The first day of school can be scary sometimes and it will set up for how their whole year is going to turn out. It's important to be sure to give your child plenty of praise and encouragement to get them ready for a great school year! We believe that with positivity, even a little goes a long way! 🙂

2. A Backpack

It isn’t a new school year without a new backpack. Instead of the traditional one colour backpacks, why not let your child choose one that represents who they are and what they like! Besides, they will be looking at it throughout the whole year so why not let it be something they like? 

3. Pencil case with the Essentials

One of the most exciting bits about starting a new school year for kids, is getting new school gear. Whether it be a wardrobe, new shoes, or the little things that make up their pencil case, these are the things that get them pumped for the year ahead. It is what’s in the pencil case that counts we recommend atlease 3 pencils (at least 1 mechanical), 1 eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, a pen or two, and for the artistic ones, plenty of fun and creative tools, which leads us to our next point...

4. Crayons & Other Creative Tools

We all remember the oddly satisfied feeling opening a new pack of pencil crayons and imagining all the amazing drawings we are going to show off to mom and dad. Let your child's creativity run wild by providing them the tools to let their imagination flow on paper. 

5. Snacks

As little as this thing may seem, having exciting snacks to look forward to is key to a child’s happiness. Be sure to throw in a couple fun and tasty snacks but always remember to pack the healthy ones too!

6. Lunch bag & Water bottle

A lunch pack and water bottle often get overlooked in terms of style, but other than their backpack, it is one of the only other things that gives your child a sense of excitement day to day. To look inside their lunchpack and to see what types of goodies mommy and daddy left them for the day, is just one of the little joys that help make a child's day. Besides, it's usually the little things in life which matter most after all, right?

If your child has a tendency of losing their stuff at school, be sure to check out our personalized Embroidered Lunch Totes. Available in unique styles for both girls and boys!

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