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Anyone who is lucky enough to have a Grandma knows just how fun it can be when you pay her a visit. From baking together to telling each other stories or even simply just catching up... It’s always a fun time at Grandma’s house. Not to mention, always leaving with a full belly from all the delicious food she cooks.

Here are 6 great things about being close to Grandma. 

1. She can teach you things
From dating advice on your love life to teaching you how to garden, Grandma always has something to learn from. Don’t forget, she does have a few years on us and with that comes great knowledge and experience.

2. Sharing hobbies together
If you have a Grandma then I’m sure you know she’s always up to something whether it be cooking, sewing, gardening, or painting. You name it, she's probably done it. Instead of watching her, try getting in on some of her hobbies! You’ll never know whether you enjoy something unless you try it. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up sewing with her and realize you want to become a fashion designer one day.

3. Always has the perfect remedy
We all know the best place to be when you’re feeling a little under the weather is at Grandma’s house. From mild headaches to heavy fevers Grandma has just the remedy for you. Not to mention her famous chicken noodle soup that will have you feeling better in no time.

4. Quality time you can’t forget
We sometimes can forget that Grandma is not getting any younger and neither are we. It's important to cherish as much time and make as many memories with her as we can. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a visit to Grandma’s anyway?

5. Learning about your heritage
It’s amazing the things you can find out about your heritage when all you had to do was ask Grandma. Maybe you’ll discover some ancestors you never knew of or find out you’re one-eighth Korean. Might not hurt to start asking Grandma some questions while you can.

6. Learn to make her recipes
Everyone knows that Grandma’s got some of the best recipes around. With Christmas coming around the corner, it may not be a bad idea to pick up a hobby with her and start baking. Better yet, build a gingerbread house using her famous gingerbread recipe for the holiday season.

To remember this special occasion forever, why not buy something to signify your love for grandma by getting her this adorable Grandmas Official Cookie Testers T-Shirt. This could even double as a Christmas present for your special Granny!


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