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Learning is one of the most important building blocks in your child's life. Building a great relationship between your kids and reading will help prepare them for school and is a fundamental first step towards success and confidence in academics.

Here are 6 ways to get your kids into reading.

1. Swapping TV for audiobooks

Audiobooks have evolved so much in recent years. Gone are the days of boring monotone narration that will put us all to sleep. Narrators now will use character voices and add entertaining sound effects to help keep your child engaged.

2. Reading the book then watching the movie

This is a really great way to unlock your child's imagination. Reading a book builds a relationship between the reader and its characters and when they get to see their favorite characters come to life. that is where the magic happens.

3. Let them choose the story

Letting your kids choose the book is a great way to engage them in the story. This gives them a sense of ownership and attachment to the story and its characters.

4. Read with them

Rather than making reading time a chore, turn it into quality time that is well spent. Put everything aside and take the time to sit with your child and hear them out as they read their book of choice. Turn something could be seen as dreadful to your child as something nice and rewarding.

5.  Set a good example

Kids love mimicking their parents. If you want your kids to love reading it is a good idea to pick up a good book yourself.

5. Make them a character in the book

Keeping your child engaged while reading a story can be a struggle, but making them the main character in the story can be a great and effective way to keep your child connected while reading. 

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