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One of the most fun and frightful events is nearly upon us and what better way is there to celebrate than to bring the family together for some fun-filled Halloween activities. With Halloween a week away, we've gathered some of our most favorite ways to turn this spooky holiday into a memorable one.

These are our 6 Halloween Activities to Bring the Family Together...

1. Decorate the House
Decorating the house has always been a fun past time, especially when it comes to the holidays. It really brings the family together for one common goal: to have the best-decorated house in the neighborhood. A great way to engage your kids to join in is to let them tell you how to decorate the house to make it look spooky.

2. Host a Halloween Party
A pre-trick or treat party is a great way to get the family and friends together to spend some quality time while getting dressed up. This helps make Halloween more festive and may even become your new Halloween tradition. Not to mentions the kids will love it.

3. Visit a Haunted House
Nothing screams Halloween like a haunted house. If you're up for a scare, visit a school haunted house, or better yet, check to see if your local fair is hosting one.

4. Make The Kids Costumes
Anyone can just go the costume store and pick out something. Make it an eventful day by pulling out the sewing kit and drop into some local thrift stores to make a unique and one of a kind costume your kids will be proud of.

5. Scary Movie Marathon
There’s no better time to share some of your favourite scary movies from when you were a kid with your children. We suggest starting slow and work your way up to the really scary ones though ;)

6 Play Halloween Themed Family Games
There’s plenty of games out there you and your family to bond over, but none quite like this! 

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