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As a parent, we always strive to be perfect for our kids. Unfortunately, it's impossible to do everything right when we're only human after all and it's important to accept that we all make mistakes. One thing to keep in mind is that as long as our kids feel loved by us then we've done our job right. Besides, there's no one better to fit to be your children's parent than you!

Here are 6 ways to show love to your kids without saying a word.

1. Use a Soft Tone
A soft tone shows that you are patient and understanding of the mistakes your kids are bound to make. It is easier for your kids to reciprocate your words and comments towards them if you use a soft tone when talking to them. No matter what is said, with a soft tone you kids will subconsciously know it is coming from a loving place.

2. Smile
A smile, something so simple yet so powerful. A smile says just having you around makes me happy. Not only will this help build a positive environment for your kids but when you exude happiness, it's contagious. If you want your kids to be happy and positive you have to show them it begins with a smile.  

3. Give Them Your Undivided Attention
When your kid is trying to express something to you, put down your phone or stop whatever it is you are doing and just listen. This shows there is nothing more important to you than your kids.

4. Display their work
Displaying their work is a wonderful way to show them how proud you are of what they've done. Whether it is on the fridge or on your mantle, displaying their work will boost their confidence and show them how much you love the creativity that they possess.

5. Have a sense of humor
The ability to find the humor in any situation is so valuable for you and your children's wellbeing. It teaches your kids not to take life too seriously... something that is going to benefit them greatly as they grow and meet the great big world.

6. Get them Meaningful Gifts
A meaningful gift is something that will turn into a keepsake for your kids as they grow older. Nothing shows love better than them knowing you put thought and care into their gift. At Ava's Playroom we specialize in gifts that turn into lifetime treasures.

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