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With Mother’s day just a few short weeks away, we thought it was time to give some recognition while showing some love to the mother of our mothers. That’s right! This blog is dedicated to all the amazing Grandmas out there! Like many others, my grandma is my best friend and someone I can share anything without being judged. If you are lucky enough to have a jolly ol' grandma in your life then surely you are blessed! 

Here are 6 reasons why grandmas are important.

1. She always has your back

As children, it's only natural to not see things eye to eye with your parents from time to time. Sometimes things are said and feelings are hurt, but if it is said in front of grandma you can bet she will be defending you like a guardian angel.

2. She is a great listener

There’s no one  this world that would be happier to hear your voice than your grandma. When we talk to grandma there's a feeling of comfort that is incomparable to anything else. You can tell she is invested in what you are saying no matter how crazy we may sound.

3. She's the true definition of loving

We like to say, grandma is lovingness personified. The love we receive from our grandmas is truly one of a kind. The warmth of a hug and kiss from grandma is love at its purest form.

4. She will never let you go hungry

Grandmas are always ready to cook us a feast and you can never have enough of her delicious food. Sorry to all the moms out there... grandma’s cooking is best.

5. She makes us feel special.

If you are ever feeling down or in a rut, we suggest you pick up the phone and call your grandma. She always knows just want to say to make you feel special no matter how negative you feel, she will always have enough positivity to pull you out of the darkness.

6. She Spoils us.

Grandmas are masters of the art of slipping you some money when your parents are not looking. The amount may vary but it usually comes at times we needed it most. Grandma also gives us the best gifts for birthdays and Christmas! 

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