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Did you know your birthstone is more than just a simple fashion piece? Most of us are aware of which birthstone we are but we don’t understand the luck and healing benefits it can attract into our lives. Here are 5 reasons why you should start carrying around your birthstone.

1. They bring feelings of luck

When people carry around their birthstone they usually share a feeling of being luckier than usual. We are not saying good things will magically happen to you if you carry around your birthstone with you, but it might guide you towards good things in your life because you are feeling lucky!

2. Healing properties

Birthstone have been tied to healing different emotions for generations. For example, Amethyst has been tied to courage and strengthening relationships. We suggest doing some research on what your birthstone can heal for you. It might be just what you're needing in life.

3. They are a fashion statement

Since our birthstone is very personal to who we are as individuals it makes a statement when you wear it proudly. It's a great conversation starter, especially to other people who understand the magic behind birthstones and their meanings.

4. They can be passed down as keepsakes

Your birthstone jewelry will one day be worth more than any amount of money if you decided to pass it down to your children or grandchildren. I’ve personally received a birthstone necklace from my grandmother and it is the most beloved treasure I have in my life to this very day.

5. They can bring loved ones together

A wonderful way to stay connected to your significant other or children is to keep their birthstone close to you. It is a wonderful way for you to stay close together no matter how far apart you are.

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