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If you're a new parent, chances are that it's hard to find time between your significant other and yourself since the little one came along. Finding alone time and getting a chance to genuinely connect with your partner may be difficult, but should never be over looked. Relationships are on-going and should continually be nurtured and never neglected, especially with your partner.

Here are 5 great ways to re-ignite the spark in your relationship.

1. Go on Date Nights

Nothing is as important as finding reasons to fall in love all over again. Take yourself back in time and re-live the days when it was just you and your significant other. Be it a club, concert, aquarium, or movie, it's crucial to find time to reconnect. 

2. Share a common interest

Whether it's binging on a Netflix series together or getting together with friends every Sunday for board games, sharing a common interest and bonding over something you both enjoy is an important means of keeping your bond with your partner strong.

3. Get to know each other again

Just because your partner and you have been together for quite some time doesn't mean that they haven't changed throughout the years. Don't ever think that you know everything there is to your partner, there's always plenty more to learn about him or her. Show interest that you still care to get to know them and the things they love.

4. Take a trip

Nothing quite brings you closer to your partner then discovering a new place together for the first time. Leave the kids with a loved one and take a trip to somewhere neither of you have ever been before. Have some real fun, and make sure to create some life long memories while you're at it.

5. Take Pride in Your Relationship

It doesn't matter if it's been several days or several decades. Taking pride in your relationship and showing your love for your partner is something that will never get old, especially to them.

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