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Whether your child is three or thirty, learning never stops. However, there are some things school just can’t teach them. This is where you get to step in and help them on their little life journey. Here are 6 things every child should learn with your help!

1. To be Active

Try enrolling them in a sport of their choosing or simply go on scenic walks or even just let them play at the park! There are really no excuses when it comes to physical activity. This will get them in a good habit for adulthood.

2. To Brush Their Own Teeth

We sometimes may not realize how important oral health is. Though it is just as important as our overall health. Get them into a good habit of brushing and flossing twice a day. If this seems to be a difficult one, spice it up a bit with a nice flashy toothbrush or a yummy flavored toothpaste.

3. How to Live Without Electronics

Lucky for us parents, we know what it was like to grow up without iPads and cellphones. Unfortunately, our kids do not know what that is like. It’s important we show them what it’s like to unplug every now and then. Try taking them on a hike or a family trip where it's just you and the family.

4. Internet Safety

We are in a world of modern technology where anything is searchable with just the touch of a few buttons. If your child owns any devices with an internet connection, you may want to consider teaching them the safe ways around technology. It is a great place for learning new things, but without proper guidance could lead to a few clicks in the wrong direction.

5. To be Themselves

Always encourage your child to be themselves no matter how silly or quirky they may be. Confidence is key and assurance from their loving parents may be exactly what they need to push forward.

6. How to Save Money

Don’t you wish someone taught you how to save money when you were little? You’d have thousands saved up by now. Not only that, but this will help teach your child the value of a dollar. It will teach them hard work and what it feels like to earn things on their own.

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