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There are a lot of important things in life and family happens to be one of the most significant. When we think of family we think of things like love and happiness. We all have our own lives apart from our family but we must never forget how meaningful and fulfilling it is to be close to family members. Whether they are our chosen family or blood related, happiness should always be a big part of keeping the family together.

Here are 5 ways to do exactly that!

1. Family Nights

Maybe you no longer live with your parents and you’ve got little ones of your own now. Well it is very important you and your munchkins make time to see the rest of the family whether it be your parents/their grandparents or siblings/aunts and uncles. Make it a priority a few times a month to give them a visit or plan a night out. This doesn’t need to be grand, even stopping by for a few minutes can mean the world to them.

2. Game nights

Once a month plan a time to get together with everyone for a game night! This never fails to be a great time that everyone including the grandparents can enjoy. You’ll even discover a few new things about everyone based on what games you choose to play.

3. Hobbies

Try picking up a fun hobby with the entire family. It could be something as adventurous as hikes or even something as easy as knitting or baking.

4. Family Trips

Now this one is guaranteed to be a fantastic time. If you can, plan a trip annually. Somewhere the kids and adults can enjoy together. This will create new exciting experiences together and really kick in the family bonding.

5. Matching Clothing

Now we all know how great it feels to be a part of something. Well that’s easy with family because you wouldn’t be a family without each other. For a little playful fun, get creative and match outfits! You don’t need to wear them every time your together, but maybe every game night or even for a cute family Instagram photo. With these adorable Matching Pizza Slice Shirts, no matter how big or how small your family may be, everyone gets a slice!


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