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Having a newborn is a very exciting chapter in a new parents life. However, the amount of information to know about having a newborn can be a little bit overwhelming. To make life easier, here are 5 essentials for your baby!

1. Diapers and a Diaper bag

You’ll need diapers and a lot of them. Whether you prefer the reusable fabric diapers to the disposable ones, diapers are essential for any newborn. Another key item would be a diaper bag for easy access and transportation for pacifiers, bottles, wet wipes, and well, diapers!

2. Crib

Babies grow up fast and sooner or later, they’ll start crawling and walking everywhere. To prevent your baby from going anywhere unsupervised, a crib is the best problem solver. Not to mention its a great place for your little one to sleep during bed/nap time.

3. Changing Pad

If you find yourself stuck between choosing a changing table or a changing pad, the pad is the best way to go. Not only is it lightweight and soft, but it allows you to make any area a changing station.

4. Baby Monitor

Leaving your little one unattended can be a stressful time, but it is physically impossible to be in their presence at all moments of the day. With the help of a baby monitor, you’ll be able to see and hear your newborn at all times and still get the dishes done.

5. Clothes

This is a fun and exciting one for any parent. With the joy of having a little one around, you get to play dress up every day in whatever outfits you choose. Make each and everyone picture perfect with the Personalized Monogram Baby Beanie!

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