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Whether your child is two or twelve, these are some fun and affordable ways to decorate your little ones bedroom. From making art to choosing their favourite story books, these 6 fun and affordable ways are certain to spice up any kids room.

1. Handmade Artwork

Every kid loves making artwork and even some of us adults enjoy it from time to time. What’s even better about this is you can have arts and crafts days with your child, not only to bond but for them to feel proud of their work enough to put it up on their wall. Not to mention looking at it everyday will remind them of how much fun they had making it.

2. Have a Theme

From your child’s favourite colours to Disney characters to rocket ships and planets, every child has something special to them that they love. If you can figure out what it is or brainstorm with them, they’ll feel all the more special whenever they are in their room.

3. Play Area

If you have kids, you know the struggle of cleaning up their toys after play time. To get them into the habit of cleaning up after themselves, start by creative a safe play area. Make sure to have a little toy box and a few open cabinets making it easier for them to take toys out and put them back in their designated spots when their done.

4. White Board

This won’t only save paper, but will give your child a place to write down all their creative thoughts and ideas. Also an even better place for you the parent to write down a few reminders for their school or soccer games, etc.

5. Book Shelf

Books are critical for your little ones to learn from. Whether their reading fiction stories or non fiction books, both are important for inspiring them to dream or teaching them how to read and write. Create a little area for them to keep all their stories and drawing books making it easier for them to stay organized.

6. Child’s Name Wall Decal

Just like icing on a cake, the Child's Name Wall Decal is necessary for making your child feel special about his or her room. By getting this you’ll create the feeling of a safe place for them to sleep, learn, and play in. Not only is it adorable, but your child will absolutely love it!

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