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With the holidays finally coming to a close, that means there’s just one thing left to get ready for and that’s back to school! Getting your kids prepared and ready for back to school can be a little tricky. From having to prepare their lunches to waking them up in the mornings, it’s time to get back to it.

Here are 6 simple ways to get your child prepared for going back to school.

1. School Supplies

If you’re 4 or 40 anyone and everyone gets excited about new supplies. Whether it’s just a few new pencils or an entire backpack full, there’s nothing like the feeling of freshly packaged pencils. Get your kids excited for school with something as easy as a new pencil case.

2. A Good Mindset

We get it, going back to school or even work can be slightly intimidating as much as it can be exciting. Get your kids happy and excited for school. Remind them of all the fun things school comes with like the playground, friends, learning new things, doing fun projects, and so much more. Sometimes they may just need a little reminder from mom and dad.

3. New Clothes

Do you remember when you were a kid going back to school? The excitement you got from getting a new pair of shoes during the holidays to show your friends from school when you got back. Chances are your kid will appreciate a new jacket or even just a new shirt for the new school year.

4. A Backpack

Now, what is a new year without a new backpack? Surprise your little one with a backpack of their favourite Disney or Marvel character. They’ll feel much better about going to school with a cute flashy backpack their awesome parents bought them.

5. Exciting Snacks

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can get boring, throw in a little surprise snack in their lunch bag for some extra goodness. They’ll be so happy you did and will thank you when they get home for being such an awesome parent.

6. A New Lunch Bag

What are some delicious snacks without a new lunch bag! A really great way to make your kid feel like the most special child in the world is with these Embroidered Lunch Totes for Girls and Boys. The best part is it will never get lost due to the special part it has your little one's name on it forever!

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